Grain Processing Machinery


Processing Machinery

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Roller Mill RM-04

For grinding grains into flour, semolina, atta and bran.

Length Grader

For sorting a wide variety of granular materials by length.


For sifting mealy and floury materials and for sorting various granular materials.

Bran Finisher

For separating flour particles still adhering to the bran in order to improve the flour yield.

Classifier Separator

For cleaning and classifying grain and other granular materials.


For cleaning grains by centrifugal force against a hard surface, the impact disintegrating unsound kernels and breaking dirt clods.

Drum & Impact Detacher

For the gentle detaching of the stock flakes obtained during the reduction passages.

Horizontal Sieve Machine

Used in flour mills to remove dust & big size stones.

Classifier Separator

For cleaning and classifying grain and other granular materials.

Rotalipse Separator

High capacity grain cleaner with maximum efficiency due to rotary and linear motions.


For separating stones from a continuous material stream.

Gravity Separator

For the grading of cereals into heavy, mixed and light fractions.

High Speed Scourer

For the surface treatment of wheat and rye for removing adhering dirt and impurities such as dust, sand, earth clots, insect fragments, etc.


For purifying and classifying semolinas and fine semolinas in durum and soft-wheat mills

Intensive Dampener

It permits uniform dampening without alteration on the cereal state. Particularly for moisturizing of wheat in the dry cleaning with quick penetration of a big percentage of water.

Uniflow Cylinder

For the accurate separation of round and long grains.

Jet Filter

For air filtration of pneumatic installations with no need of an auxiliary aspirator and compressor.

Cracker Roller Mill

For the crushing of oil seeds.

Fans (Low & High Pressure)

Applicable in various industrial fields in milling, used as an aspiration sources for cleaning and silo machines, purifier etc.

Hammer Mill

Suitable for all types of material crushing and grinding.

Air Lock Rotary Valves

For discharge from cyclone separators and feed in to pneumatic conveying pipes of grain, granular and farinaceous products, etc. Also pneumatic coveying plants working with negative pressure as well as air seal on cyclones and filter dust collectors.

Conveying Systems

For conveying of all types of materials.

Drum Sieve

A versatile pre-cleaning machine to separate coarse impurities.

Aspiration Cyclone

Very efficiently placing in small space for separation of dust particles from air which comes from aspiration lines.

Volumetric Measurer

For the percentage blending of wheat from various bins.

Roll Grinding and Fluting Machine

For the accurate grinding and fluting of all types of rolls for feed and milling industries.