• Another ISO9001:2000 certified holder in Indopol Group of Companies. 
  • Having commenced its production during early 1999 Suruchi Foods Limited was also in the forefront by supplying various types of energy foods during the recent past when the people of Orissa was downed by the super cyclone.
  • The plant is equipped with modern machinery and equipment and has a production capacity of 6,000MT per month.
  • It is also equipped to produce a variety of energy food products enriched with proteins, minerals and vitamins.
  • CNC machines have taken charge of the production process and utmost care is being taken to strictly adhere to international standard of hygienic conditions. 
  • The firm only uses superior quality of raw materials for its production process and quality checking is done very frequently before the raw materials are converted into finished products. Samples of finished products are being examined from reputed independent laboratories to doubly ensure that the finished product conforms to international standard in all respect. Therefore, there is no room for any doubt about the superior quality of the end products.
  • Presently Suruchi Foods supplies Babymix food to various Indian State Governments under the PMGY Scheme. 
  • The factory has got its own power generating sources as well and therefore, any breakdown in the general power supply will not affect the production process.
  • The company is situated at Noida, adjacent to the National Capital of Delhi and therefore have direct access to  all parts of the nation.
Suruchi Foods
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