We offer our customers exceptional value also when it comes to services: We listen attentively to their concerns, enabling them to benefit from our fast, efficient, and reliable service anywhere in the world.

A reliable partner...

Our customers can rely on us and our services. We know that outstanding customer service makes the crucial difference between one-time business transactions and long-term, sustainable partnerships. For: good service counts and pays off for both our customers and for ourselves.

...lifelong: total life-cycle care

Indopol supports its customers in their business ideas or their technical problems by offering them consulting, engineering know-how, and experience in project management, implementing solutions jointly with them. But even after the solution has been provided, we continue to accompany our products throughout their life cycles by providing on-site servicing, training, spare parts, or machines upgrades.

Our extensive services at a glance:

Technical Consulting


Vast engineering expertise in the design and construction of small-scale as well as large-scale projects.

Laser Cutting and Fabrication


Sheet metal laser, fabrication and assembly services designed to the meet the new demands placed on manufacturers for small lot sizes, quick turnaround, and lower part costs.

Contract Mill Operation


Mill operation on contract basis by highly skilled operators.

Industrial Automation


State-of-the-art industrial automation solutions for cereal and food processing industries.

Roll Grinding & Fluting Services


Sale and refurbishment of chilled cast iron rolls.

Customer Services


Consulting, service, training, spares and on-going support.

Joint Ventures


Profitable ventures with an experienced and competent partner.

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