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                                             for weighing of flour, powders & bran

  • A rotor is located in the rotor weigher which is driven by a constant speed three - phase induction motor.
  • The product to be weighed is fed to the centre of the rotor and then accelerated to a peripheral speed of approximately 10 m/s.
  • As the product flows through the rotor the coriolis force, or compound centrifugal force, is created as a reaction force. This coriolis force is absorbed through a spring element below the rotor and detected by means of two magnetic flux induction sensors.
  • The coriolis force is completely proportional to the mass flow.
  • Material-specific characteristics such as, i.e., different moisture levels, flow characteristics or friction do not influence the measurement as errors.
  • Pulse time spacing of both inductive sensors is detected accurately by the separate evaluating electronic system.
  • The momentary throughput in (kg/h) is then calculated from these times, indicated and compared with two adjustable limit values.
  • An electronic integration device then uses the output signal to calculate the total weight fed through the rotor balance system and display the result on a resetable summation device. In addition, kg pulses are available for the remote counters and yield calculators.
  • The evaluation electronic system can be installed at any distance from the weigher.
  • The system can be supplied in a wall-mounted cabinet or suitable for control panel installation.
  •  A preselection counter for setting the required throughput as well as a 0 (4) - 20 A analogue output of the momentary throughput can be supplied as an option for control and registration.

Technical Specifications

Supply Voltage

400 Volt, 50/60 Hz, 10A


3 x 400V, 0.75kW via integrated frequency converter

Rotor RPM

RC1/2 600 RPM, RC3 450 RPM

Output range Model RC 1

0.5 - 20m/h, max.: 4 t/h

Output range Model RC 2

0.5 - 20m/h, max.: 10 t/h

Output range Model RC 3

1.0 - 35m/h, max.: 18 t/h


+/- 0,5 % of the measuring range


+ / - 0.2%

Dimensions: Pipe Diameter

RC 1/2 = 150mm, RC 3 = 200mm

Dimensions: Weigher Height

RC 1/2 = 800mm, RC 3 = 950mm

Dimensions: Weigher Diameter

RC 1/2 = 500mm, RC 3 = 600mm


RAL 7032

Type of Protection

ATEX Zone 22


Panel Mounting: 96 x 48 x 150 mm (W x H x D)

Wall-Box Dimensions

200 x 300 x 180 mm (W x H x D)

Tye of Protection

IP 54

Technical specifications subject to change due to continuous development.

The 10 Point

Proven Technology


Economical Solution


Reliable & Robust




Made in Germany


ATEX Compliant


Insensitive to Vibrations


High Capacity


Versatile Installations


Food Grade Applications

Sealed dust-tight and maintenance-free system

Low installation height, simple assembly

Largely insensitive to vibrations

Direct mass flow measurement

Not dependent on friction, moisture and flow characteristics

Patented, proven measuring system

Rotor Weigher - Online continuous weighing of flours and powders
Rotor Weigher Installation (Germany)
Rotor Weigher Installation (Germany)

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 Rotor Weigher

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