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                                       of cereal, wholemeal, pellets and granules

  • The grain to be weighed is first slowed down in the feedpipe by means of a falling brake and then reaccelerated, following which is conducted through a pipe bend, which is suspended in a load cell. The load cell is weighed in exact proportion to the quantity of the throughput.
  • The electronic evaluating system amplifies and processes the electric signal of the weighing cell. The actual throughput is digitally displayed in tons per hour, which is monitored by two adjustable limit values.
  • The weight of grain being transported through the Vertical Pipe Weigher is calculated from the throughput signal by an electronic integration device and subsequently, displayed on a resetable summation counter. In event of programming a planned flow capacity, an electronic reset meter is available as fittings product. For driving dosing and control technique, an analogue output device shows actual flow capacity. The Vertical Pipe Weigher is made of service-free construction and a working system guarantees impressive accuracy.
  • The measuring pipe should be assembled so that the middle section of the pipe, containing the mounted load cell, is exactly vertical.
  • The grain supply always passes through the 90 falling brake. It is important, that there are no sources of vibration where the unit is installed, but if strong vibrations occur in the piping system, the supply and runoff connections should be fitted with rubber sleeves. One should also pay attention to air streams that may occur flow procedure.
  • For compensation of pressure a connecting pipe is fitted near scales outlet. It is recommendable to mount the electronic evaluator at such a distance from the measuring pipe that it can be seen clearly.
  • The electricity is connected in accordance with the connecting plan supplied. The following cables are available:

    1. Mains cable 230 Volt, 50 Hz, 0,5 A
    2. Connecting line to the measuring pipe 4 x 0,5 mm shielded
    3. Klaxon connections to signalize exceed limit values
    4. kg-impulse line for remote counting device, yield inspection, moisture control
    5. Power exit , 0 (4) -  20 mA (optional)
    6. Electric preselection signal for dosage (optional)

The 10 Point

Impressive Accuracy


Economical Solution


Reliable & Robust




Made in Germany


Simple Installation


ATEX Zone 22 Compliant


High Capacity


Versatile Installations


Food Grade Applications

Inexpensive and dependable measuring system

Impressive accuracy (+/-0.5% to 2.0%)

Simple installation into available run pipes

Expandable for dosage controls

Online Vertical Pipe Weigher for Cereal, Wholemeal, Pellets & Granules
Technical Specifications
  • Type DCG 1: Pipe diam. 120 (mm), height : 770 (mm), capacity : 1,0 -20 m/h
  • Type DCG 2:  Pipe diam. 150 (mm), height : 910 (mm), capacity : 2,0 -30 m/h
  • Protection:  ATEX Zone 22
  • Accuracy grade: +/- 0,5% to 2,0%, according to sort of bulk good.

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