• Situated near the City of Lakes – Udaipur, Murliwala Agrotech Ltd., is the first firm in India to introduce extrusion based energy food technology in India.
  • The entire plant and machinery were imported from United Kingdom. Since this technology is the most modern, the products are conforming to international standards and the end users get the privilege to take world class standard energy food to their daily dole. 
  • The plant’s production capacity is 50,000 MT per year, which can further be enhanced within a short time if required.
  • CNC machines are controlling the entire production process and utmost care is being taken to strictly adhere to international standard of hygienic conditions. 
  • Moreover, only superior qualities of the raw materials are used for the production process and quality checking is done very frequently before the raw materials are converted into finished products.
  • Samples of finished products are being examined from reputed independent laboratories to doubly ensure that the finished product conforms to international standard in all respect.  Therefore, there is no room for any doubt about the superior quality of the end products. 
  • Since the factory has got its own power sources as well any breakdown in the general power supply will not affect the production process.  
  • Being an ISO9001:2000 certified company, Murliwala Agrotech Ltd. was also at the forefront by supplying energy foods when the devastating cyclone swept through the coastal areas of Orissa.
  • At present Murliwala Agrotech supplies Babymix to the Govt. of Rajasthan and Govt. of Maharastra under the PMGY Scheme.
Murliwala Agrotech
Energy Foods by Murliwala Agrotech

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