Indopolís success has grown on its solid ability to partner successfully both within India and with international suppliers. Indopol currently operates successful JVs with leading UK and German grain processing manufacturers.

We continuously seek new avenues for growth, and we have found that a strategic alliance with a cooperative partner helps further our mutual objectives. It also helps us develop new areas of expertise. In order to ensure the success of the venture, we are selective about who we work with as we look for well-suited partners whose expertise, insights, and networks complement and enhance our own.

Indopol is currently seeking partners for the folloing joint ventures:

Destination India


Destination Africa/
South-East Asia

A joint venture to manufacture state-of-the-art grain processing machinery and technologically advanced solutions in India.

The Market:
The market for world-class grain processing machinery is immense in India. Companies such as Buhler and Fowler-Westrup have successfully established very lucrative Indian presences. With over 900 flour mills and an even higher number of mills processing rice, pulses and other cereals, there is a constant and solid demand for upgrading to better technology.

Role of JV Partner:
The JV partner will provide the technology to produce world-class grain processing machinery suitable for the Indian market and for export.

Role of Indopol:
Indopol will take responsibility of local production/assembly and marketing within the Indian subcontinent.

If you are an established manufacturer of world-class solutions for the grain milling industry and are looking into getting a foothold into the immense Indian market, please contact us.


A joint venture to produce Fortified Blended Foods in countries where World Food Programme is active.

The Market:
World Food Programme is part of the UN and responsible for distributing considerable sums of donor and aid funds on populations where food shortages are rampant. Locally produced Fortified Blended Foods are the preferred choice of aid for the WFP in such cases.

Role of JV Partner:
A local business house ensuring for local infrastructure, statuary formalities, raw materials, labour and working capital.

Role of Indopol:
Indopol will provide the complete technical solution for producing Fortified Blended Foods including the plant, process and WFP know-how, mill operator and marketing of end-products to WFP.

To learn more about Indopolís impressive capabilities in Fortified Blended Foods click here.

If you are an established business house in Africa or South-East Asia and are interested in this proposal please contact us.

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