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Gravimetric Dosage and Online Weighing
                       of Cereals and Free Flowing Bulk Materials

  • Hydropneumatic controlled flat gate with integrated weigher
  • Low installation height of only 135 - 220 mm
  • Exact regulation of mass flow rate in kg/h
  • Summation of total weight in kg
  • Registration of flow rate in t/h over 48 hours
  • % - input for grain compositions
  • Simple mounting right below silos
  • The Flow Controller FC3 is used for continuous regulation of cereals and other free-flowing materials.
  • A flat gate is located inside a steel panel case. A baffle plate is arranged right below. The regulation of the flow rate is done by means of a hydropneumatic control system. It causes the gate to be opened or closed so far that the actual flow rate corresponds with the desired setting. The force to move the gate is effected by a compressed air supply of 2 bar pressure. It controls a hydraulic cylinder via hydropneumatic converter allowing a regulation with millimeter accuracy. This process happens fully automatically.
  • The Flow Controlling Unit, consisting of baffle plate, load cell and cylinder unit, requires an installation height of only 135 to 220 mm. Assembled inside a steel case it is totally dust tight. It should be mounted right below the outlet of a silo or a vessel. The unit is suitable for installations in dust explosion zones 22.
  • In a mill the primary use of the Flow Controller is to configure grain compositions. Because of a low installation height it is possible to substitute older measuring and mixing devices without expenses of a rebuilding. Another interesting application in mills is the regulated discharge of tempering cells. This allows easily to set up the capacity for the first break.
  • For the compound feeds industry the principle use besides dosage is the continuous configuration of feed compositions. The Flow Controller can be used for all free flowing bulk materials. It is possible to activate up to 10 specific calibrations.

  • The Evaluation and Control Electronic can be affixed entirely independent from the flow controlling unit. It is available for panel mounting or in a separate housing.
  • Substantial evaluation and easy handling are possible through the application of a micro computer with LCD graphic display. It provides the following functions:

    1. Display of flow rate in kg/h
    2. Preset of a desired flow rate in kg/h or in %
    3. Observation of flow rate by two adjustable limit values
    4. Summation of total weight since last set to zero
    5. Preselection of a desired batch in kg, reaching this weight affects the gate to be closed automatically
    6. Extern start and stop function by sps-control activation
    7. Output of kg-pulses for extern evaluation and processing
    8. Analogue output of flow rate from 0 to 10 Volts
    9. Graphic recording of flow rate over 48 hours
    10. Alarm output for deviations in case of congestions or an empty silo
    11. RS 232/485 - interface for communication with a computer
  • By application of a number of flow controllers it is possible to control compositions over the interfaces. Control of compositions can then be reached by a pc program or a master computer.
Technical Specifications
  • There are two versions available:

    Type FC 3.15 for pipe diameter of 120 mm with flow rates of 0,2 - 15 t/h
    Type FC 3.30 for pipe diameter of 150 mm with flow rates of 0,4 - 30 t/h
  • Height of both types: 135 mm with quadratic outlet, 220 mm with round outlet.
  • Accuracy of the Flow Controller lies (depending of flow rate) at about 1 - 2 %.
    Reproducibility (implying steady flow rates) lies at 0,5 %.
  • Evaluation electronic:
    Wall housing: 300 x 300 x 140 mm (B x H x T)
    Panel mounting: 165 x 120 x 65 mm (B x H x T)

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 Flow Controller FC3

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