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We are leading technical consultants for the rice milling industry based in the Indian-Subcontinent (land of Basmati Rice) with over 15 years of experience, trained manpower and the latest know-how in rice milling technology from leading manufacturers.

We provide consulting, engineering, techno-economic feasibility studies, design, construction, and implementation of rice processing facilities. 

We offer complete comprehensive solutions for your rice processing needs for the following projects:.

  • Rice Cleaning,
  • Parboiling and Drying,
  • Milling,
  • Grading,
  • Quick Cook / Pre-Cooked Rice
  • Automation,
  • Modernizaton
  • Contract Running

Our projects have been implemented in India, England, Iraq, Nigeria, Nepal, Pakistan and other areas throughout the world.

How We Work

Dr.-Ing. N. K. Gupta Technical Consultants work in tandem with customers and equipment suppliers to ensure customers select the most suitable equipment for their requirements.

As independent technical consultants we will only impart with impartial advice on equipment selection based on the customer’s preferences and selection criteria such as technological features and economical preferences.

For that Dr.-Ing. N. K. Gupta Technical Consultants partners with the world’s best equipment manufacturers for the rice milling industry and economical and reputed suppliers from across the world.

Expert Engineering Services for Affordable Solutions

Dr.-Ing. N. K. Gupta Technical Consultants strive to provide customers with the most economical solution for rice milling projects.

With the core cleaning and milling machinery procured from companies such as those mentioned above, Dr.-Ing. N. K. Gupta Technical Consultants provides invaluable advice and buying power in procuring the remaining equipment from other equipment manufacturers who offer the best value-price ratio.

Customers can be assured that expert advice and assistance is provided throughout the entire equipment procurement process.

Engineering Services


 Full Technical Consultancy


 Selection of Machines & Materials


 Engineering & Supervision


 Erection & Commissioning


 Selection of Personnel


 Miller Training

Equipment Sourcing


 Rice Processing Machines


 Aspiration Equipment


 Cleaning Equipment


 Parboiling and Drying


 Conveying Equipment


 Fabrication, Spouting & Ducting


 Electrical & Motor Control


 Automated PLC Control


 Packaging Units


 Steel Structure


 Pre-fabricated Building

We Offer As Standard


 Expert Advice


 Excellent Value


 Dedication to On-Time Delivery


 Commitment to Order Budget


 Long Track Record of Successful


 Profit Maximising

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 Engineering Services

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