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 Classifier Separator

  For cleaning and classifying grain and other granular materials



  • Low power consumption,
  • Low attendance requirement,
  • Free-swinging sieves with unidirectional screen motion,
  • Adjustable angle of throw,
  • Adjustable screen inclination,
  • Drive by means of vibrators located in the machine’s centre of gravity,


Used for cleaning and grading grains (wheat, rice etc) and other granular materials (soybeans, corn etc.) by means of a set of two sieves (to remove coarse and fine impurities) and attachment to the aspiration system (to remove low-density matter).


The frame structure is made of steel channel with the fully enclosed sieve box suspended at its four corners on rubber brushes. The box consists of two decks with ball cleaned sieves. The vibrator drive is located in the centre of the machine. The vibratory movement of the sieve increases both the capacity on a given sieve-surface and the sieve effect.

Technical Data:


The material to be cleaned is fed by a gravity spout into the centre of the inlet box oscillating with the machine.

A distribution baffle with an adjustable slide gate distributes the material evenly across the entire width of the screen.

The through from the first screen drop on to the lower screen, whilst the overs are discharged laterally through the outlet section.

The through of the second screen drop to the bottom and are removed at the centre of the outlet section of the machine.
The overs from the second screen are directed through the outlet section to the tail-end aspiration channel.

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