• Conveyors can be used for handling a variety of free flowing material including sugar, grain, corn, coffee, beans, rice, flour, rape seed, soya, corn meal, garden seeds, peas, sunflower seads, peanuts and even sawdust.
  • It moves your material quickly, efficiently and with minimum damage.

* Capacities are indicative only


Capacity* m3/hr

TPH for wheat
B.D. 0.76t/m3










Chain speeds vary between 0.45 to 0.6m/sec

  • Material is fed past the upper return chain. It then falls into the trough bottom, where the lower chain moves the material and forwards to the discharge side. When the additional material is introduced, it lays the discharge at the same rate as the chain.
  • Drag chains carry the grains along the entire depth of the conveyor on special UHMWPE liners at an equal discharge rate and thus most of the material is gently carried on another layer of material.
  • Plugging is eliminated as return chain limits the material to a maximum level.
  • Incase there is an overflow of material at the discharge end, a built in overflow device throws it out and if it is beyond acceptable limits, the limit switch stops the motor.
  • Moreover, if for any reason the speed of the motor varies beyond a tolerance limit, the sensor probe at the tail end immediately gives a signal to zero speed switch and the switch stops the motor, thus assuring complete safe operation.

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 Chain Conveyors

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