Exact moisture regulation of all kinds of cereals and grains

Automatic Dampening System NC6
  • most economical & exact dampening system available
  • applicable for all grain and cereal dampening systems
  • successfully operating in more than 600 mills worldwide
  • available with integrated flow weigher
  • exact water dosage dependant on target moisture
  • easy installation and extremely reliable
  • average customer amortization within 3 months*

Display and registration of:

  1. grain moisture
  2. hectoliter weight
  3. grain temperature
  4. throughput rate
  5. water flow
Display and Registration
  • With the automatic dampening system a mill can achieve optimal performance by maintaining it’s grain moisture at a constant and desired level.
  • The automatic moisture control system consists of three structural components, their internal mill installation may differ according to floor functions:
  • The MOISTURE MEASURING UNIT containing bypass pipe must be installed upstream of the conditioning screw.
  • Optional installation can be upstream of the latest elevator.
  • The moisture measuring electrode is already wired in dust-free unit ( zone 20 licensed ) to avoid dust explosion.
Unit 1: Moisture Measurer

The EVALUATION and CONTROL ELECTRONICS made of latest microprocessor technology with multilingual menu, containing the following functions:

Unit 2: NC6 Computer
NC6 Measuring Unit
NC6 Control Computer
  • The WATER DOSING UNIT can be installed anywhere along the water supply line of the conditioning screw and can be operated manually.
    We offer two versions:
    1.water fittings on panel board

    2. water fittings in antifreeze box with thermo-regulated heating system
Unit 3: Water Dosing Unit
  1. Display of the actual moisture ( % )
  2. Display of hectolitre weight ( kg/hl ) and grain temperature ( C° )
  3. Calculation and display of the flow capacity by an integrated weighing system or by preconnected scale or dosing gate system ( kg ).
  4. Input of the desired target moisture
    ( optional six different types of cereals )
  5. Calculation of water flow and its display ( litres/hour )
  6. Water dosing control with display of consumed water flow ( litres )
  7. Display of actual moisture, of grain flow capacity and of water flow as a graphic presentation over a time span of 12 hours.
  8. Limit value control of moisture, throughput rate, hectolitre weight and actual water
  9. RS 232/485 interface to connect with an external PC

* Average customer amortization of 3 months based on our calculations and experience from over 500 installations


Technical Specifications

Supply Voltage

110 – 230 Volt, 50/60 Hz

Measurement Range

8 – 18% moisture, optimal for six different types of cereals

Capacity Range

1 – 15 tons per hour; optional for higher capacities

Operating Temperature Range

0 – 45°C


Illuminated Graphic LCD Display (118mm x 90mm)

Operation Control

Dust-Protected Touch Panel Sensitive Menu-Driven Keyboard

Interfaces (optional)

RS 485 or RS 232, 20mA

Error Message

2 relays max. 230 Volt, 2A

Water Dosing Unit

½”, max. 1600 liters per unit*

Required Water Pressure

1 – 6 Bar, Interdependent on Flow Capacity & Water Column

Dimensions : Measuring Unit

Pipe Diameter 120mm

Height (without Overflow Pipe System) 500mm

Height (including Overflow or Bypass Pipe) 980mm

  : Computer Control Unit

(W x H x D) 435mm x 340mm x 180mm

  : Water Dosing Unit

(W x H x D) 400mm x 600mm x 150mm

  : Anti-Frost Box

(W x H x D) 550mm x 665mm x 210mm

Technical specifications subject to change due to continuous development.

 10 Point Advantage

Profitable & Quick Payback


Cheapest on the Market


Reliable Operation


Easy to Install


Made in Germany


ATEX Compliant


More than 600 Installations


Patented Technology


PC Connection


User Friendly

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 Automatic Dampening System NC6.2

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